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I have some involuntary free-time until October, so I thought it would be the perfect time to open up some sculpture commissions :)

Because it is my first time offering commissions, and also because I really need the money, sculptures will be cheaper than they would usually be.

There will be 3 slots only for now.








I need at least one reference picture (It doesn’t have to be a chibi though). The more reference material you can provide, the easier it will be for me to work. Written descriptions are welcome but not enough for me to work with.

I need some time to finish the sculptures, if you need it on a specific deadline please tell me beforehand and I will see what I can do.


Send me a note or email ( with 

-reference pictures

-character description


-extras (e.g. wings, animals, weapons, etc.) 



Paypal (except Austria and Germany and whoever can use SEPA)

I will start working on your commission as soon as I receive at least 50% of the whole amount (shipment costs not included). 

The finished sculpture will be shipped after I received the last part of the payment.



I will send pictures during the progress, or post them on my tumblr, so you can give me feedback anytime. Requests for changes are okay, the earlier the better. : ) However at a certain point it is difficult to make major changes once the sculpture is in progress, and I will probably not do them  (like changing of the pose or going from a ball gown to a tuxedo, you know what I mean). 



full refund will be given if

-I cancel the commission

-the commission is canceled before I start working

Partial refund will be full payment minus already spend material and time.


All sculptures are one of a kind, not meant for reproduction.

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